venice italy church

Redentore Venezia Canale della Giudecca

I've meant to start posting about my trip to Italy, France and Ireland this past summer. I won't bore you with reasons of why I have been sporadic in posting. Anyway, on with the story. I spent several days in Venice, Italy and it was great painting. I stayed at a B&B on the island […] Read More

southwest desert landscape painting

Palo Verde Painting – A Figment of My Imagination

I thought I would give you a bit of my thoughts about this painting. I started with a concept in my mind with the palo verde at the top of a hill. That is the only thing that started me on my painting. In fact, I started with another concept, aspen trees. (Maybe that will be […] Read More

sunset oil painting process

Sunset Oil Painting – Day 2 Progress

I struggled most of the day today. It was just at the end of the day that I felt I got into the "zone". I started the day with assessing where I was with the painting. I knew I needed to tackle some of the values that weren't right. And, some of the spacing of […] Read More

Painting a sunset

Sunset Oil Painting Progression

This is a painting I'm creating from my imagination, as is the usual with my sunset painting. I start with a concept and ask myself the following questions. What kind of clouds? Will the sun be behind clouds? Below the horizon? Will it be a quiet and subdued sky? Will it be a riot of warm […] Read More

Italian fountain painting

It’s The Light!

It's always about the light. That's what made me do it. I chose this photo from my thousands (literally) of photos from Europe because of the lighting. I felt that it had great possibilities for contrast and a good composition. So, I played with it. I want to work on two versions of this painting to […] Read More

venice italy painting

Redentore Church in Venice Italy

My posts on my blogs have been lacking lately. I just moved into a new house (my second move this year). NEVER AGAIN!!! I found the perfect house to buy. It has a large lot (big enough for a studio) and guest quarters for me. The main part of the house will be for my […] Read More

yellow sunset painting

Painting Sunsets

Hi everyone, I've spent the last three weeks packing, moving, unpacking and organizing. Painting has been put on hold. Come Jan 12 I will be starting to set up the Celebration of Fine Art. But wait...I'm not ready. I still need to get some painting done. So, today was back to the easel.  I'm painting […] Read More

Italian Castle Window

Convent in Italy and Another Move

I've been inconsistent with my posting lately. I have been in the process of buying a house and packing, again! My daughter, her kids and I have been renting a house together for the last few months. We thought we would see how it would work out. I'm happy to say that it has been […] Read More