venice italy painting

Redentore Church in Venice Italy

My posts on my blogs have been lacking lately. I just moved into a new house (my second move this year). NEVER AGAIN!!! I found the perfect house to buy. It has a large lot (big enough for a studio) and guest quarters for me. The main part of the house will be for my […] Read More

yellow sunset painting

Painting Sunsets

Hi everyone, I've spent the last three weeks packing, moving, unpacking and organizing. Painting has been put on hold. Come Jan 12 I will be starting to set up the Celebration of Fine Art. But wait...I'm not ready. I still need to get some painting done. So, today was back to the easel.  I'm painting […] Read More

Italian Castle Window

Convent in Italy and Another Move

I've been inconsistent with my posting lately. I have been in the process of buying a house and packing, again! My daughter, her kids and I have been renting a house together for the last few months. We thought we would see how it would work out. I'm happy to say that it has been […] Read More

sienna italy street scene painting

Studio Paintings of Italy

Today I finished two studio paintings that were almost done. The first is "Streets of Sienna". The light streaming between the buildings was bouncing all around. The colors of the buildings were of course, the rich siennas and ochers of the city of Sienna. I spent a lot of time walking through the streets here. […] Read More

Pisa Italy painting

Pisa, Italy Neighbors

Pisa Neighbors    5" x 7"   oil on archival panel    $150.  Click HERE to purchase. I flew into Pisa, Italy a couple days before teaching at my workshop. I spent the first day mostly sleeping. Then spent time walking and more walking through the streets. I love to go into the back streets […] Read More

italy plein air painting

Italian Window

Italian Window   6" x 8" oil on archival panel    $200.   Click here to purchase. Another painting from the grounds of the workshop in Italy. For a week, I continued to paint demos for my workshop in Italy. The grounds were beautiful to paint from. The first couple of days were spent close to […] Read More

hood river orchard

6″x6″ paintings this weekend

I have been so preoccupied with family business lately, that I realized I am missing dates of shows. So, today I started painting some 6"x6" paintings. Nothing like working on a deadline with just a day or two to go with two shows. So far, three done. Hopefully, more work done today, but maybe not. The […] Read More

plein air painting in Italy

Colors of Italy and an Italian Workshop for Next Summer

Colors of Italy 6 inches x 8 inches oil painted on archival mat board  $200. Click HERE to purchase I thought I would begin my blog posts this week with my trip to Europe. It was originally planned as about a two week trip to teach a workshop June 7 - 14, 2014 at the […] Read More


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Learn to Paint from Home at Your Own Pace

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